The precision casting “lost wax” process is an avant-garde technology which is in continuous evolution.
The process consists of several stages, and it is characterized by a monolithic refractory ceramic shell called “tree”, which consists of a special central shape made of one or more wax patterns obtained by means of the injection of wax inside the suitable dies.
The possibility of production of small and big series offers to the customer a wide range of technical and economical advantages, among which we can find:

- Manufacturing of complex pieces hardly feasible by means of machining, or only with high costs.
- Manufacturing in a whole of pieces which otherwise could only be manufactured in separated parts, joined by different means such as welding, nailing, etc.
- Manufacturing of pieces without later finishing machining, or with limitation of the machining to the most difficult functional dimensions.
- Manufacturing of steel castings or of hardly machining alloys, such as the alloys with nickel and cobalt basis.
- Manufacturing of the same pieces in several different alloys, appropriate for different applications.